Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe In, Breathe Out

As I sit in the Charlotte airport waiting for my second leg of a flight I look around and review my week, my month and the effects on my psyche.
So much in life we cannot avoid. Everyday interactions with persons who make your coffee to getting you through a TSA checkpoint. (I always get patted down. Am I that cute?)

I’m enroute to spend a few days with hubby in Key West. Obviously looking forward to some time on the beach and a good Old Fashion. He’s working, but it gives me much needed alone time relaxing to put final touches on my launch.
I took some time to assist a family member out of state who is ill. And upon arrival at home, the launch happens and let’s include company for three weeks. Can we do Emojis on a blog??

It is truly rare that I feel stress physically. I become tired, slightly irritable, antsy, but I have always handled it very well. I accept that life brings unavoidable things and just take a deep breath and deal with whatever comes your way.
I realized while visiting family that I was constantly eating. About 3 times the amount.
Wow!! Am I stress eating??? Sure, I could lose 10 pounds, who can’t?

But, seriously? I love working out, I love lifting heavy weights. I’ve never been someone who likes to do a lot of cardio, hence the 10 pounds, but I will slam some weights down.

It made me take a step back and realize what was happening. So, I’m sitting in the airport and had a great flavorful salad full or Falafel, Tahini, fermented Kraut and greens. Delish. But I am a true believer that half the battle for change is realizing it needs to be done and the cause.

So, when I feel this urge to push chips in my face when stressed I will truly try to step back and reflect on the reason. I surely won’t always win that battle, but it’s a start.

So, sit out on your porch, take in the outdoors, even if hot. Enjoy that 5 minute break, stretch your arms up and out to push some tension out. Make some Cucumber water, add ice, Vodka if needed…
Smile often, it keeps them all wondering what you’re up to.
Breathe In, Breathe Out……