Falling into Fall

Pumpkin Spice Soap, Warm and inviting. Delicious pumpkin and the perfect mix of spices. Top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin and rum. Mid notes of apples, muguet, peach and ginger. Nutty vanilla base notes with woody musk.


Here in Virginia fall is beginning. The nights are getting cooler. One can find themselves sitting on the porch covered in a blanket while languishing over a hot ‘Breve. The wind delicately bringing colorful leaves to their final resting place for the season. It’s breathtakingly quiet here.  Picture eyes closing and slow breaths being inhaled. The smell in the air is different here also, a mixture of lingering warmth and cool evenings, of pumpkins and cinnamon door wreaths. As fall approaches my childhood memories of it return as well. Moments of rustling the leaves as you walk through them, finding that perfect golden-red leaf, and clinging to the last few days of sunny warmth. Fall also brings offerings through its gifts of color and aroma to savor that I hold while continuing my walk through the final summer’s sigh. It is these memories that I fell back upon when creating my new signature Pumpkin Spice Soap for the season. From the cloying scent of cloves and nutmeg to the warm cozy scents of cinnamon, rum, and pumpkin, I wanted to embody those quality feelings and smells of the beginnings of a fall day here in Virginia.  Fall brings so many things into our lives, fond memories of simpler times, a change of seasons, and new beginnings. So, enjoy this season with its fall folly of pumpkins, gourds, and crisp, cool air. ️